Thursday, June 24, 2010


Why am I starting a blog? I don’t know. I have before and lost interest a few times. But I feel like this time is better, I am in a better place and it is coming from a better place. And I do so much better when I write what I am feeling. When I have time to think and process, the words that come out make more sense. My life has been changing so much. Even in the last few weeks. My faith in God is growing and I hope this blog can help me continue that. I just want to write in a ‘place’ that is mine.

A little about me, in case you are wondering…oh where to start? I am in my twenties, I have to most amazing son in the world who is 8. I had my son at 17. I love my parents and they are so great. They are my support system and I have no idea where I would be without them, but don’t tell them I said that. Ha! My son and I live in a small town that literally has nothing to do. Luckily he loves sports and that keeps us so busy. He actually is on a baseball All-Stars team this summer! I am so proud of him. He is my ENTIRE world.

With the help and encouragement from my parents I went to college for business and now work for the family business. I am not sure if I recommend that, family businesses not college educations, please go to college. I love my family and I can separate boss from family but it does add an element that is tough. I work in marketing but would much rather be doing something that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk. But such is life and some day I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I am still such a kid at heart.

I love makeup and have a collection that would probably put counters in Macy’s to shame. I would love to learn to sew, but seeing as though I can’t even sew a straight line I have to put that one aside for a while until I can not get upset about it. Movies and music move me to pieces and I am hoping to read a lot more and even delve into the Bible. I am learning to love sports (coming from an old cheerleader and dancer) and especially when my son is playing them. I love my friends and spending time laughing and loving. And I have to say I have an addiction to magazines.

I have an abnormal family that I love to pieces, but who doesn’t? And maybe one day, if I am feeling it, you can get an inside look at them and my childhood which I would probably put at traumatic and that is not an overly dramatized girl description.

My spiritual journey hasn’t been long. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a believer and lover of God. I was raised Catholic and still am a practicing Catholic. But there were many times I would quit going, just not sure what I needed. I went to Catholic school from k-8th grade (where my son goes now) and even my college was Catholic, but I never knew a whole lot more then trying not to sin and to pray. But I didn’t really ‘get’ what they normal prayers were all about. Sermons went over my head or were just a repeat of the gospel. I stopped for a long time once my son was in school. But back in September of ’09 I went back – you will hear this story eventually, I had a calling. And that calling awakened something in me. It even took me to Haiti – you will all about this too. Half my heart resides in Haiti right now and probably always will. I can’t wait to go back. And I would love to start a college ministry outreach to Haiti. Who knows, maybe one day that will happen. Then a few things happened and I got to see a lot of selfishness and people using others and God to further themselves and I was so sick o it. I knew that wasn’t what God put us here to do so I started thinking about how I could build a better relationship with God. I found someone, a blogger, that has inspired me. I hope to keep this flame lit and to continue to grow my never-ending relationship with Him. I will probably tell you about that day too because I think it was pretty cool. Another unexpected twist. I LOVE God’s curve balls.

My entire life has been one twist and turn after another and most of which have been unexpected. But it all works out for the best and according to a plan greater then me. I am a completely imperfect person, but life through these eyes seems pretty close. My life has been a Beautiful Journey, and even when I don’t like where I am, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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