Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here I go...

I have been wanting to write about my trip for a while and honestly I haven’t been in a good place to share. I have it written and waiting to post but even that took so long. I have been discouraged but today I am fighting back and letting go and sharing. I feel the Lord calling me to stand up and fight the discouragement. To do something. I still don’t know where I will go or to whom I will minister to, but I will when it is time. I trust in You.

Bear with me as I upload thee. They are long but I can’t edit it down. You would miss out on so much and each and every story means so much to me – and I am sure many are boring but they all had such an impact on me. I learned so much there. I hope you can pick up a piece of that. Just as I have left a piece of my heart with each and every Haitian I met. My heart is no longer whole, the other parts reside in Haiti and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have two homes, here and Haiti. And that, I believe, is what the Lord wants for me. Thank You so much Lord for the opportunity to see, learn and feel You!

So if you choose, follow me. Follow the path the Lord is paving for me. Right now it is still rough and broken like the roads of Haiti, but the more I work for Him the smoother it will become. I am no longer walking this road alone, no longer left to navigate it. The Lord my God is here with me walking beside me, carrying me and showing me the way.

Follow You by Leeland featuring Brandon Heath, this has been my theme song from the moment I was called to this ministry, to Haiti. I will follow you, Lord, wherever that may be. Let me see Your path and give me strength to put You first in my life, so that everyone I meet, anywhere I go, can see You in me.

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