Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Past Week

OK, so I had my little nervous breakdown with this committee. And after two days of fretting about it I got SO EXCITED! I was ready to tackle the world and I got all my binders of stuff I have researched and kept and done for this ministry out and organized it all again. I was really excited for this committee. I was going to stand up and be the leader in the group and things were going to go great.

So we had a meeting Monday night that was open to all. There were no more then 10 of us, and our first meetings had 30ish people. Then some walked in that are on this temporary committee and they didn’t even know they were! NO ONE KNEW! I knew because I was a stalker e-mailer (not really), but I e-mailed twice about it and Fr. Dave told me. I assumed (and now we all know what happens when we do that) everyone else got a call.

So it was a quick meeting because WE DON’T HAVE PEOPLE IN CHARGE TO MAKE ANY DECISIONS TO DISCUSS! And there is a LACK OF COMMUNICATION!!!! If we don’t keep this ministry in the front of everyone’s eyes then people will not make it a priority.

So then the people on the committee were to stay after to make a meeting time. And there was one person who stayed that wasn’t on the list and there was another (the one I don’t agree with who is not on the list either!) stayed and made plans for the meeting. This is what happens when there isn’t a person in charge who is willing to be tough and make calls.

I feel like this is one step forward then two steps back. We aren’t getting anywhere. It is just extremely frustrating when you are called to something and know the potential something has and it can’t live up to it because of a lack of communication and leadership.

I do have a feeling that Fr. Dave would like me to step up and be the leader for this small temporary committee. He asks me a lot of questions and direct me to do things. I feel like he is (hopefully) trying to show other people that he trusts me to be the go-to girl.

I guess I can only hope and pray that this all works out. For the good of the people of Chateau, Haiti. Lord knows they need it. I know that we all can come together and get this ministry rolling, it is just a matter of working out the kinks that were left for us. I guess I need to e-mail Fr. Dave and verify who is on and go from there.

And I just want to say that 2nd grade does not prepare kids for 3rd. At least not homework wise. Last year C had a page of math a night and a spelling test each week. In third grade it is 2 pages of math, 2-3 pages of language arts and sometime social studies. But there are no instructions so sometime I am unsure (it took a while to totally remember subject and predicates). But seriously going from maybe 10 minutes a night to an hour and a half a night? It is a little much I think.

But beyond the stresses (which are wreaking havoc on my face – really bad breakouts at my age?), I am feeling at peace. I have been jamming out to Jeremy Camp lately. His new CD came out yesterday and was good. I kind of want to look at Natalie Grant’s CD that came out yesterday too. Music is such a soothing, almost medicinal, agent for me. I love it and it speaks to me.

I was asked last night at my Psi Iota Xi meeting about what surprised me most about Haiti. I was taken aback by that question. No one has ever sat down and asked a lot of questions. It was hard because everything was surprising but then again nothing was. I knew what to expect and built it up to be worse (other then PaP – nothing you can imagine is worse then that). But it was so nice to talk to someone, even if it was 5 minutes. I miss that place and I still feel like I need to do more talking about it or something. There is still something stirring in me. Maybe it is to write a book. I always wanted to write a book and someone told me to write a children’s book about Haiti. I don’t know. There I something still moving inside. I just need to spend some quiet time with Christ to figure out what it is.

On a fun note, I bought a bible study. It is a Great Adventure study by Jeff Cavins. It is the first one. A Quick Journey Through the bible. Since I have never really read the bible nor done a study this seemed to be the place to start. Here is the site: I will have to let you know how it goes. I am excited to get started.

Gosh this was a random post, just like me I guess. :)

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